ZUPPA DEL GIORNO                                                                     £4.50

Fresh homemade soup of the day


COCKTAIL DI GAMBERETTI                                                          £7.95

Peeled prawns topped with our homemade cocktail sauce, served on a bed of mixed leaves


CAPONATA SICILIANA(V)                                                              £6.95

Stew of aubergine, Sicilian green olives, celery, onions and capers in tomato sauce

FORMAGGIO FRITTO(V)                                                               £7.95

Deep fried breaded goat cheese served with homemade chilli jam on a bed of mixed leaves


IMPEPATA DI COZZE                                                       £7.50   £13.95

Fresh mussels cooked with white wine and parsley

COZZE AL POMODORO                                                  £7.50   £13.95

Fresh mussels cooked with garlic, onions, tomato sauce and mixed herbs


FEGATINI DI POLLO                                                                      £6.95

Pan fried chicken livers with garlic, rosemary and white wine, drizzled with balsamic vinegar on a bed of mixed leaves


BUFALA E CRUDO                                                                         £8.95

Fresh buffalo mozzarella with Parma ham and cherry tomatoes served on a bed of rocket


MELANZANE ALLA PARMIGIANA(V)                                            £7.95

Oven baked layers of pan fried aubergine with parmesan and mozzarella in fresh tomato sauce


CAPRESE DI BUFALA(V)                                                               £7.95

Fresh buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes, drizzled with olive oil and basil served on a bed of rocket


FUNGHI E SPINACI GRATINATI(V)                                               £6.50

Oven baked mushrooms, spinach, garlic, mixed herbs, béchamel and tomato sauce topped with mozzarella


BRUSCHETTA AL POMODORO(V)                                               £5.50

Homemade toasted bread topped with fresh tomatoes, garlic, basil and olive oil served on a bed of mixed leaves

CALAMARI FRITTI                                                                          £7.95

Deep fried squid rings served with homemade fresh tartar sauce

SARDINE ALLA GRIGLIA                                                               £7.95

Grilled fresh sardines drizzled with garlic and olive oil