INSALATA DI POLLO                                                       £12.95

Selection of green leaves, grilled breast of chicken, rocket, sun dried tomatoes, in olive oil

INSALATA ITALIANA                                                        £9.95

Selection of green leaves, rocket, cherry tomatoes, baby Mozzarella, basil and olive oil

INSALATA AL SALMONE                                                 £12.95

Selection of green leaves, rocket, cucumber, smoked salmon, boiled egg, olives croutons in olive oil

INSALATA CON TONNO                                                  £12,95

Selection of green leaves, rocket, cucumber, tuna, boiled egg,

white cannellini beans in olive oil

INSALATA MISTA                                                             £4.95

Selection of green leaves, tomatoes, olives, cucumber, carrot, onions, sweet peppers with homemade dressing

INSALATA POMODORO E CIPOLLA                              £4.95

Fresh tomatoes, red onions, Sicilian olives(with stone), oregano and olive oil


INSALATA DI RUCOLA                                                    £5.95

Rocket, tomatoes and parmesan shavings in olive oil

INSALATA VERDE                                                           £5.95

Selecion of green leaves, cucumber, olives, green peppers in olive oil

VEGETALI MISTI                                                             £4.00

Selection of steam vegetables

SPINACI ALL’AGLIO                                                        £5.50

Sautéed fresh spinach with garlic and olive oil

RISO, CHIPS, PATATE                                                     £3.00

Rice, chips, sautéed potatoes